Cory Pratt

Mighty Mini Owner, Operator Cory Pratt

Cory Pratt first started out in forestry when he was nineteen operating many different types of machinery up until the age of 27. He than moved to Edmonton and  started in construction working in water and sewer running excavators, loaders, dozers…etc. He then moved on by working for a pipeline business digging ditchs and cleaning up right of ways. He continued to live in Edmonton for five years but missed living here in Nova Scotia and moved back to start his business Mighty Mini Excavating hoping that he could stay here and make a living doing what he loves which is landscaping and general excavating.

For the past five years Cory has traveled back to work in Alberta for the winter to pipeline while eagerly waiting to work at home in the Spring, Summer & Fall. About a year ago he also took  over his Father-in-law’s ( Gary W Ross)  Machine and Welding Shop located on Salter Ave. There they do a lot of different types of metal welding. Cory’s interest in the shop is building specialized attachments like his flail mower, post hole digger and hydraulic tilt landscape rake for his excavator as well as any other projects that customers may bring in.

A favorite contract of Cory’s was for the Mountain Golf Course located in East Mountain. There he worked with a landscape designer to help with the reconstruction of the first tee box that included putting in dry stream’s,  placing boulder’s, moving plants, shrubs and re-grading the side of the box for sodding.


Mighty Mini provides the following service’s:

  • Landscaping
  • Flail mowing of alder bushes or areas that can’t be mowed with a regular mower
  • Post hole digging with an auger attachment
  • General excavating,
  • Stump removal
  • Drainage
  • Driveways,
  • Light trucking of all different soil, sand and gravelshauled with a dump trailer.
  • Septic system installation (Fully Licensed)
  • Small Tractor Roto-Tilling

Mighty Mini is looking into having a mobile debit and visa machine if enough customers require the service. Mighty Mini is willing to travel to the Halifax and area.